Travelling Woes

Weather delays can cause major headaches in your travel plans. Yesterday my wife and I spent a few hours, waiting in anticipation for our flight, knowing that the chances of us traveling were slim. I had spent many of my early years as a travel consultant and manager so I am well aware the problems that flight interruptions can cause.

A friend of mine was tracking the flight plan on flight tracker and he updated me on the progress of the flight. The fog was thick and low to the ground but we felt that the airline we were traveling with could land, with the new radar system, that was installed a few years ago. However, it was not to be, the flight was cancelled and the aircraft had to go back.

A number of flights were cancelled and we are re-booked to fly out today. It is still foggy but we re hoping that we will get out.

We were inconvenienced but those things happen, however I felt for those who were connecting to other airlines, for those who were going on vacation and might miss their cruise, their tour or some other important engagement. Also there were those who had to try and get a hotel with the extra expense associated with it. There were older people who were confused and didn’t know what to do.

Travel by air is fast and convenient but delays and cancellations can be a nightmare.

Will keep you posted on how our travel plans progressed.

A repeat of yesterday. We are now booked for Thursday at 7am with a 6 hour layover in Halifax. Not ideal but we decided to take it. Have to arrange a ride to the airport and someone to pick us up in Ottawa.

We are losing 3 days on our trip so we will try to change our return date. It could be worse.

Finally got out on Thursday. We had a 6 hour layover in Halifax and on to Toronto and back to Ottawa. It was a long day.

The return flight was on Porter’s E195. We were impressed with this aircraft. The seats were comfortable and it was a smooth flight home. From porter’s website..The Embraer E195-E2E One Night Five E Two represents the latest in modern aircraft design, with contemporary cabin features for a pleasant passenger experience. The E2 is the most environmentally-friendly single aisle aircraft family, measured by sound and CO2C O 2 emissions.


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