Garages In Conception Bay South

As in many communties throughout Newfoundland Labrador, there were a number of individually owned garages in Conception Bay South. They were full service, doing everything from changing and repairing motors and transmissions to changing oil and tuneups. Basically, if you had a problem with your vehicle, it could be fixed at your local garage. Most had gas pumps and either served Texaco, Gulf or Esso products.

We all had our favorite garage and we knew the owner of the garage. You would drop off your vehicle and would be satisfied that the vehicle would be repaired.

How times have changed! Most garages are now automobile repair shops and many of them have had to specialize as automobiles have become so complicated to repair.

There are still a few back-yard garages, however;  they are few in number. They have been pushed out by council restrictions and red tape. Also, the legal ramifications and insurance requirements are too much for a back yard garage to  bear.

We spent eight years in Ontario and I was lucky enough to find a couple of garages, in the Town Of Arnprior, that were good and trust-worthy.

Afetr moving back to Conception By South, I had to find a garage to fix my late model Impala. I asked around and used a few. There was one that did good work, however; I stopped using them as I felt they were doing work that was not necessary.

I am finally happy and have a good customer relationship with a full service automobile repair shop in Conception Bay South.

It took me awhile to get a doctor. Now to find a dentist…