Seagulls seem to be everywhere and there are times we wish they wern’t. This is a photo our son texted to me as he was out for his morning walk.

Personally, I think this is a beautiful picture. The two seagulls standout, although there are other things that might catch your attention.

I have had some frightening experiences with seagulls especially during breeding season. A number of years ago, I was trouting, in a pond, about a half hours walk off the Trans Canada Highway. near Soldier’s pond. For those who may not be familiar with Newfoundland, it is a pond about 15 kms west of St John’s. See map below.

The pond is just below Butterpot hill and I believe it is called Var pond. It was a nice sunny afternoon and as I approached the pond I realized that there was a number of seagulls around the pond. As I walked around, they began to dive bomb just above my head. It was a little scary as they came very close to my head and I would continue to duck down. As I continued to walk around the pond it got worst. Eventually, I had to turn back and retreat. This was not my first interaction with seagulls but this was the most aggressive time that I have seen them. The numbers were much higher so I guess this was why there were so many dive bombing incidents on that particular day. I realize that they were protecting their nests

Youtube video discussing seagull attacks and management

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