The Crust Man

The following is a photo I took of our snack of home made bread with molasses. My wife usually makes bread, once a month and I always look forward to a slice of fresh bread and molasses.

I recall as a child my parents and others talking about the crust man. If we didn’t eat our crust, the crust man would come and take us. This is a ditty that my father-in-law would sing to the grand-children.  “If you don’t eat your crust, they’ll come back at night and dance around your head on your pillow singing ‘we are the crust that you did not eat, that you did not eat.”

Here are a few comments from some friends who remember the crust man stories from their childhood.

Geraldine: “I was scared to death of the crust man.”

Amy:  “I used to have nightmares about that dude!”

Courtney: “It’s a wonder we went to sleep at night:”

I ate my crust and my favorite slice of bread is the heel, the heel tap or the crust.

The Crust Man (Poem)

I sat at the table and hungrily ate,
But the crust of my bread still remained on the plate.


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