A collection of stories about growing up in Newfoundland Labrador.

Steve Wiscombe: I was born in the small town of Creston South on the Burin peninsula. Some of my memories.

*mummering, rowing a dory, jumping and riding on ice pans, swimming in The Millbrook, The Creston Inlet  and The Landing Place Pond. Walking on stilts, crushing cans to wear around your ankles, pushing a bike wheel with a stick or a wire coat hanger, sling shots and playing cowboys and indians. Jumping down the hay in the barn, sliding on Hamen’s hill, cutting and limbing wood and hauling it out the slidepath with our horse, doll. There are many more..

Olive Noble Pickett  The good old days, the boys & girls all played together, another thing we did, go for a ride in boat, the boys would take their 22 gun, some pop bottles, a bag of chips & bottle of coke for approximately a quarter for our lunch, then take turns to shoot the bottle off a rock out in the water,these were the good old days for sure, oh to be young, brave & free and do whatever, long sunny days, no traffic, life was good, I had a wonderful childhood, even though we had no scooters, laptops, D. S’s etc. We sure got fresh air & sun.

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