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Note: We are not recommending any tour operator so please do your own due diligence.

Newfoundland Labrador Tourism Website

Tour Operators: There are a number of national tour companies that offer tours of Newfoundland Labrador. Those are not listed. Some of the taxi operators offer localized tours.

MAXXIM Vacations

McCarthy’s Party

Wildland Tours

Whale and Puffin Tours

Gatherall’s Puffin and Whale Watch

O’Brien’s Boat Tours

Molly Bawn Puffin and Whale Tours

Trinity Eco Tours

Moose/Caribou/Bear/Salmon  see Outfitters

Car Rentals

All the national car rental companies have locations at the airport and at various locations throughout the island. It is very difficult to get rentals during the summer season and other times as there are many conventions booked throughout the year. Book early. I don’t believe UBER or similar operators are operating in Newfoundland.

RV or Trailer Rentals

Newfoundland RV Rentals

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